Boost your Google Ranking: What is an SEO Audit and why you need one

In a world where everyone is taking their business online, you need to make sure that you are optimizing your business to meet the latest needs. Running a business in 2020 is a whole different game as you need to keep your eye open for the latest trends. With the internet becoming so a huge part of selling your products and services, you need to make sure that SEO and other digital marketing techniques are a core part of your online strategy. People are always searching for things on the internet. They search for products and services on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, and the list goes on and on. In today’s world, SEO isn’t only a way to improve Google ranking, but also to make sure that people find your business on the internet.

What is an SEO Audit?

Getting on top of the Google search page is a hard thing. There are a lot of factors that come into play, and the hard part is that these factors are constantly changing. Just like you know that your brick and mortar store can do better and you can make more profits if you take the right steps, your website can also rank higher on Google only if you follow the right path. For that to happen, you need to follow a set of rules and regulations, and it starts with an SEO Audit. 

An SEO audit is a process of analyzing your current policies and web presence and comparing it with the best practices that yield the most profitable results. On the long road of online dominance and SEO perfection, it is the first step to create a plan that has measurable results.

What Should You Expect from an SEO Audit?

Now that you know what an SEO Audit is and how it is going to help your business, you need to gauge your expectations and create a mind map of what you should expect from an audit once you decide to do it. 

  • Reveal technical SEO issues 
  • Expose all the website structure issues
  • Analysis of on-page and off-page SEO issues
  • A way to improve your content marketing strategy
  • Review all your competitors and create an outline of how they are doing
  • Reveal user experience issues

An SEO audit is a one-time thing, which is why you need to find a company that you can trust. We offer our clients benefits such as helping them identify key areas that you can use to improve your ranking, give you an analysis of your website, and avoid penalization from Google. We follow the following protocols to make sure that you get the most out of your SEO Audit.

Make Sure That There is Only One Version of Your Website

The first thing that we do is to make sure that there aren’t any copies of your website present on the internet. To help you take it into account, consider all the ways that someone could access your website. For example, if someone types in HTTP instead of https, he should always be redirected to the HTTPs version of your website. The same goes for all the other ways someone can browse over to your website.

Do a Website Crawl

You may have heard it by other names such as spiders, robots, or bots, but essentially they are all the same as website crawlers. What a website crawler does is to crawl across the whole World Wide Web to index all your pages for search engines. For laymen who don’t know what it is, consider it like this. When you make a website or a new web page, search engines aren’t automatically going to know that you exist on the internet. You need to make sure that you crawl them using the right keywords and phrases so that people can use it to find you. So, search engines use web crawlers as their helpers to browse the internet and make data of all the pages on the internet.

Check for Indexation Issues and Rank Your Brand

Indexation is one of the most important things that you need to do to ensure search engines rank you. If you don’t index your website, you aren’t going to be indexed by Google, no matter what you do. However, you don’t want your site to be indexed just once, as it needs to be done regularly, which is where we come in. We use all the right keywords and Meta tags to follow a set of rules that gets you indexed without getting penalized. Lastly, we make sure that we improve website traffic so that we rank your rank higher in the search engine result pages. We have all the right tools to follow an SEO Audit that reaps the best benefits.

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