How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems; it currently makes up to 30% of websites on the internet. The question we will be addressing today is what can you do to secure your WordPress Website. The truth of the matter is that the rumours surrounding WordPress security or the lack of it are actually a myth, and in-fact WordPress websites are generally more secure than their online counterparts. 

However, as the platform has grown into the limelight, hackers have taken note of it and are beginning to target such websites, which is why businesses  are required to take certain precautions to keep their website secure.  In this article, we will share our best tips to keep your WordPress website secure in 2020.

Picking the right Hosting Company

The simplest way to make sure that you don’t get yourself into any trouble is to go with a hosting provider that gives you multiple layers of security. We understand that some businesses are tempted to go with inexpensive hosting providers because they are just starting out, or simply avoid high costs, however this can backfire pretty quickly. If you are too focused on saving money, you might be putting your data at risk.

Avoiding Use Nulled Themes

If you have a little bit of knowledge about WordPress websites, you might be familiar with themes. Themes are used to make websites look more professional. Sometimes using paid themes offers higher security. Premium themes are developed by highly skilled developers, which means that they get maximum security and full level of support if something goes wrong. However, using nulled themes on your website is effectively the same as using a hacked version of a premium theme, which is going to put your website at a lot of risk. Choosing a theme is an essential part of WordPress website development, which is why using a Professional WordPress Development Agency is highly recommended. This is an area where we shine as we follow all the right security protocols when developing a WordPress website while taking your needs into account before we present you with a final product.

Installing a WordPress Security Plugin

Making a website is one thing,  making sure that it runs smoothly is another. Keeping an eye on the security of your website can be time-consuming, and unless you update your website with the latest security protocols, you are putting yourself at risk. A WordPress security plugin can come in very handy. A security plugin automates the security of your website, regularly scanning it for malware, and monitors your website 24/7 so that nothing goes wrong.

Sucuri has been rated as one of the best security plugins in 2020, followed by Wordfence. These  plugins provide users with file monitoring, malware scanning, security modifications, web application firewall, real-time traffic monitoring, and much more.

Use of a Strong Password

One of the oldest and still most efficient tricks in the book is to have a strong password. When choosing a password, it is important to ensure that your password is case sensitive, has a combination of numbers, nonsensical letter combinations, and special characters. Lastpass is a great tool to generate strong passwords and store them in a secure vault without the need to remember them.

Disabling File Editing

File editing is a feature that comes in handy when developing a WordPress website. It is a code editor function that allows developers to access and edit your theme and plugins easily. However, once your website goes live, it might be advisable to disable this function to prevent hackers gain access to your admin panel and inject malicious code into your website. The code is so subtle that you won’t even notice that you have been hacked until it’s too late.

Installing an SSL Certificate

SSL or Single Sockets Layer is crucial when it comes to securing your website. In the early days, SSL was mainly used for specific functions like website transactions and payments. 

Search Engines including Google have recognized the importance of having SSL certificates for websites. Most websites nowadays process sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information, as well as money transactions. SSL encrypts these information which protects  your data from getting compromised.


Paying attention to the security of your website is very important for your brand, customers and reputation. Using the above steps will help you look after your website’s security without you spending a penny. At the digital guys, we can help you look after your website. We offer website maintenance and fully secured website hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. All our customers benefit with free SSL certificates.

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