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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing also known as SMM is a marketing strategy that consists of sharing content on social media networks to reach a bigger audience, connect more with them and help them achieve their goals.

The most popular social media platforms at the moment are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. Each of these works differently and need different types and formats of content. You don’t need to use all them, only the ones you think will help you connect with your targeted audience.

Before jumping on the social media marketing ship, a strategy needs to be put in place. At the digital guys we look at your goals and put in place a strategy that will help you get there.

Why you need Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a very important aspect of Digital Marketing. It helps businesses reach millions of people every year and is a marketing opportunity not to be missed.

Social Media marketing used to be about sharing content but the way the platforms work has changed tremendously. People can communicate with their clients, monitor what people are saying about them, learn more about their clients’ needs in order to grow their business, increase traffic and improve their brand awareness.

This marketing strategy also allows businesses to reach a specific group of audience that aren’t already following them.

Who needs Social Media Marketing?

Every business from start-ups to big global companies needs social media marketing. Social Media Marketing helps companies connect with their customers, improve boost their visibility online, increase sales and leads.

Why choose the Digital Guys London Social Media Marketing Services?

At the digital guys we look at your business goals. From that we put a strategy in place that will help you get there. Social Media Advertising is a similar but different concept that helps you reach a bigger audience targeting people who are not already following you on Social Media. It allows you to decide who you want to target based on demographics, behaviour or even interests!

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