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Building a Website

Everyone knows what a website is so we won’t go into that. What you need to keep in mind however is that your website represents your company. A website is necessary to drive any sales or conversion online. It is a crucial part of marketing.

In order to succeed online, a business needs to have a fully functioning website as well as a well-designed and easy to navigate website.

Search Engines including Google looks at how well your website is developed and can sometimes penalise you if your website does not meet certain requirements. These requirements could include a website not being responsive, duplicate content, URLs not working etc.

At The digital Guys Agency in London we can help you build your website whatever your requirements big or small. Not only that, we want to ensure that your website has the traffic it deserves

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Why you need a website?

Before starting developing your marketing strategies, you need to have a fully responsive website. A website that is targeted to your clients, that is easy to use and serves its purpose.

Who needs a website?

Every business needs a website. Most things are done online nowadays therefore it is crucial for one to own a website.

Why choose the Digital Guys London Website Services?

At the digital guys we design and develop websites. Because every business is different, we try our best to understand your business goals while taking into consideration your target audience. All our websites are responsive and designed to a perfect standard. We have inhouse WordPress developers as well as Magento developers who work closely with our SEO team to ensure that you’re all ready and set to go! We also offer serviced Hosting to our clients in order to improve the loading time of their website speed as well as uptime. We offer a year free website maintenance with all of our website design packages.

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